Sunday, December 6, 2009


With this blog I aim to inform you, the reader, about aphasia and how it affects more of the population than we realize. Although aphasia is not fully treatable there are some courses of action that can be taken to help the patient to communicate and the family to cope. In this blog you will find informative websites to help you learn about the disease, helpful tips on how to communicate with the person, and family support groups. The video clips, although long, are very helpful in understanding the disease and what the patient and the family goes through on a daily basis. I don't intend for you to watch all four parts. Start with part one and if it interests you watch the others when you get a chance. You should find them interesting as well.

After viewing this blog I hope the reader will:
1. understand what aphasia is.
2. understand these people are not mental; they fully understand; they just have
difficulties communicating.
3. understand that if you or someone you know is in this situation you are not alone
and there are many support groups and therapies out there to help.

I have really enjoyed doing this blog. Through researching aphasia I have a better understanding of what happened to my mom and some techniques in helping her to communicate with others.