Saturday, October 17, 2009

Article 2: Treating Visual Speech Perception to Improve Speech Production in Aphasia

I found this article through pub med. It is about improving visual speech perception to help speech production in aphasia patients. Ten patients were used in the experiment which consisted of undergoing computer picture testing. Two different tests were done and then compared to get the results. The first test was matching pictures to words that the patients heard without visualization of someone speaking and the second was matching words that the patient heard through a video of the speaker saying the words. The patients did significantly better when they had a visual of the person saying the word than just hearing it. When the patient only heard the word they did not improve their matching abilities but they did improve when a speaker was present.

National Institutes of Health 40, 853-858. Treating Visual Speech perception to Improve Speech Production in Non-Fluent Aphasia by Julius Fredriksson, Julie Baker, Janet Whiteside and Chris Rorden.

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